Theatre Reviews

On the roles of Shelly/Beth/Jean in Time Out Critic's Choice Back of the Throat (Old Red Lion Theatre, September 2008)

"Kira Lauren morphs adeptly to play all the female leads, a brassy stripper the best of them."
Emma Youle, Islington Gazette (September 30 2008)

"Kira Lauren is a delight in three roles, as librarian, ex- lover."
Rick Perrins, (30 September 2008)

On the role of Bob in See Bob Run (Finborough Theatre, December 2007)

"It is a testament to the quality of Lauren's acting that one never felt the absence of other actors; an hour spent watching one woman onstage, and my attention never wavered´┐Ż Kira Lauren has that rare and precious talent of being totally convincing as her character´┐Ż. In a word, excellent."
Tanith Lindon, EXTRA! EXTRA!

On the role of Garbo in Get Away (Old Red Lion Theatre, June 2007)

"The impressive Kira Lauren and Robert Carragher, are a typical teenage couple in love and endearing with it. New Yorker Lauren, in particular, does a great line in teenage surliness."
Jeremy Austin, The Stage (20 June 2007)

"Kira Lauren gives a fine performance as the slightly other-worldly but entirely switched-on Garbo."
Louise Hill, British Theatre Guide (24 June 2007)

"(Robert) Carragher and (Kira) Lauren are convincing teenagers, combining childish enthusiasm with scorn and distrust..."
Joanna Caird, Islington Gazette (20 June 2007)

On the role of Amy in Have a Nice Life (Union Theatre, January 2005)

"The cast are also first rate and seize their chances, particularly Stefanie Moore as the brittle Barbara and Kira Lauren as the accident-prone and unlucky-in-love Amy."
Lyn Gardner, The Guardian (Monday January 17, 2005)

"Another notable performance would be that of Kira Lauren, who is just gorgeous as the heartbroken Amy."
Emma Whitelaw, IndieLondon (January, 2005)

"(The) spirited cast also relish their disaffected roles, with Stefanie Moore and Kira Lauren in particular delivering impish performances"
Lucy Powell, Time Out (January 19-26, 2005)

"Strong voices, especially from Stefanie Moore's wild-eyed Barbara and Kira Lauren's timid Amy, do justice to crisp lyrics."
Fiona Mountford, Evening Standard (January 17, 2005)

On the role of Mae in The Wild Party (Riverside Studios, July 2004)

'The young cast perform with attractive skill ... Kira Lauren squawks amusingly as the boxer's doxy..."
Michael Billington, The Guardian (Friday July 30, 2004)

"Kira Lauren is a delightfully mindless Mae."
Lucy Powell, Time Out (July, 2004)